Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's The Purpose?

What's the purpose?

    Okay, so I have been getting some great feedback about "What Are Sphinx and Trevi Doing?"  
Several of the questions has been: 
    Who are Sphinx and Trevi?
         My crazy characters that make up the brother-sister team in The Sphinx and Trevi Adventures, along with their bodyguard Marseille, the family cat Nefertiti, and their parents Mr. and Mrs. Monje.
    What's the Purpose of playing the game?
     I would like to say this:  What is the purpose of eating?- to fill one's stomach  What is the purpose of talking?- to share ideas and thoughts between separate entities  What is the purpose of learning Geometry?(I still haven't figured that one out but these concepts are supposedly applied to solving problems in every day life)  What is the purpose of the Sphinx and Trevi Game?  To see how much you know about your surroundings and adding to your knowledge of vast places and the people and cultures that fill them.  As my favorite trainer, Tony Horton would say, "Expand your mind a little."
    Why are the clues in a conversation between Sphinx and Trevi?
       Have you ever sat in a Geography class in school and wonder why you don't remember any of it?  The reason is because statistics are mind-numbing and if it doesn't invoke your senses or your emotions, quite frankly, YOU don't remember it.  I want the experience of learning and challenging your self to be fun, so I play on your emotions with humor, wit, irony, and sarcasm.  I also tease your brain by trying to find the underlying meaning in the words of the conversation.   Anything worth having is worth fighting for- Basically, if it was extremely easy, you would be disappointed.
    How do I decipher the clues?
       This is the tricky part but I know you'll become experts in deciphering the clues in no time.  The clues start out more vague then get more detailed as the week progresses. I have an example of clues with the way to decipher the meaning, below
Adventure 1 Clue 1 Trevi, there are so many pine trees here. Lets go climbing.
    Interpretation:  They are somewhere with a lot of pine trees. If you google pine trees, you'll see they are mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere.  That narrows down by 50%, half the world has been cut out with 1 CLUE.
Adventure 1 Clue 2 I'm not surprised, Sphinx, since they produce 100 million toothpicks a day.
    Interpretation: The place they are at in the northern hemisphere is a massive toothpick producer- can't be too many of those around.
Adventure 1 Clue 3: I love blueberries and blueberries love me, problem is my tongue looks like it got stung by a bee.
    Interpretation: Okay, it is a little song but what is the song talking about? BLUEBERRIES!!!  So far, they are at a place that has lots of pine trees, produces massive amounts of toothpicks, and have lots of blueberries.  
Adventure 1 Clue 4: Just because they produce the most blueberries, doesn't mean your stomach holds them all, Sphinx.
    Interpretation- The place they are produces THE MOST blueberries in the northern hemisphere.  If you google "Who produces the most blueberries- it is MAINE< MAINE< MAINE
Congratulations, all you have to do is tweet the answer to me and you are the WINNER!!!!!!  You will be posted up on my main sitewww.celestehayes.com  **REMEMBER** There is no limit in how many times you can guess.

    What do I win? 
    Knowledge, entertainment, learning about different places in the world and their culture.  However, I will be having contests periodically for free books, downloads, and prizes to the one who is first in guessing correctly each week. 

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